Our Team

engr mr sunny ache managing director ceo of lgands modular apartments nigeria lg&s modular

From the field of Film/TV as a creative writer and travel journalist and researcher of ancient and classical history (which he majored in) where he became a supplier of mobile homes and offices for Filming and live entertainment artists and crew to practical apprenticeship in the construction industries (within the US & UK) prompting him to return to the lecture room in the UK where he studied with the NTC (New Trades Career) with lectures from the IET (Institute of Engineering & Technology and the CITB (the Construction Industry Training Board), this Nigerian born and raised has acquired so much experiences lodged under his belt working on numerous buildings sites on low-cost manufactured/modular homes in accordance with the IRC of the United States of America and standards of the United Kingdom since 2009. He has demonstrated this in Nigeria by building quality prototypes in Lagos, Abuja, Kogi, and Ogun at rates 4 times cheaper for their values – dimension for dimension and quality for quality. 

He is the founder of Sunny Ache Modular Apartments (SAMA), one of the pioneers in delivery of Modular Units for homes in Nigeria.

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